Orte filtern
the spring equinox
Ballon d'Alsace

At the spring equinox, if we observe it from the Ballon d’Alsace, the sun rises behind the Black Forest Belchen 70 km away

Anfang Mai / Beltene
Ballon d'Alsace
About 40 days after the spring equinox, beginning of the Celtic summer half-year, the sun rises in the east-northeast behind the summit of the Grand Ballon.
21.6 summer solstice
Ballon d'Alsace

At the summer solstice, the sun rises in the northeast above the Markstein, in the direction of the Petit Ballon

Anfang August / Lugnasad
Ballon d'Alsace
About 40 days after the summer solstice, the sun rises in the east-northeast, behind the summit of the Grand Ballon.
22.9. the autumn equinox
Ballon d'Alsace

At the autumnal equinox, if we observe it from the Ballon d’Alsace, the sun rises behind the summit of Schwarzwaldbelchen 70 km away.

Anfang November / Samhain
Ballon d'Alsace

About 40 days after the autumn equinox, beginning of the Celtic winter half-year. The three Celtic settlements Britzgyberg, Basel-Gasfabrik and Augusta Raurica are on the line of the sunrise.

21.12. Winter solstice
Ballon d'Alsace

The sun rises in the southeast behind the Tödi in the Glarus Alps, in between lies the Jura Belchen

Anfang Februar / Imbolc
Ballon d'Alsace
About 40 days after the winter solstice, middle of the Celtic winter half-year. The sun rises in east-southeast. The three Celtic settlements Britzgyberg, Basel-Gasfabrik and Augusta Raurica are on the line of the sunrise.

Wandbild Oltingen, Schweiz

Schloss Beuggen, Deutschland

St. Chrischona, Schweiz

Ottilien Chapel, Deutschland

Fridolinsmünster, Deutschland

Saint-Gangolph, Frankreich

Belchen, Deutschland

Three Blessed Virgins, Deutschland

Belchenfluh, Schweiz

St. Stephansmünster Breisach, Deutschland

St. Landelin, Deutschland

The miraculous stone cross, Deutschland

St. Trudpert, Deutschland

“Mother of the Black Forest”, Deutschland

The Judgement Day fresco

Sitting high above the village, the church, with its walled graveyard and Gothic presbytery, dominates the scene. This is an ancient sacred place. Already in Roman times, but especially through the Middle Ages, this was a place of introspection, particularly amongst travellers crossing the Jura from the Ergolztal into the ...

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One time home to the Teutonic Knights

The Beuggen castle is idyllically situated on the river Rhine east of Rheinfelden (Baden) and can be easily reached by train, road as well as via bicycle and hiking trails. Its varied and legendary history starts in the 13th century. The semi-circular arrangement around the stately castle with the castle ...

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St. Chrischona an ancient, sacred site

There are many legends that entwine the three churches on the hills around Basle: St. Chrischona, on the west slopes of the Dinkelberg, overlooking Bettingen and Grenzach-Wyhlen; St. Margarethen in Binningen, on the outskirts of Basel; and St. Otillia on the Tüllinger Berg over Lörrach. The three saints are mentioned ...

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The Ottilien Chapel in Obertüllingen

In the shade of the trees on the terrace in front of the Ottilien-Kirche, you can let your gaze wander from the Black Forest, across the Jura to the Burgunder Pforte and on through to the southern Vosges. According to one of the many legends this was, together with two ...

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The silver feretory in the Fridolin Minster

Long before you reach Bad Säckingen you see the shimmering tower of the minster. The impressive 17th and 18th century renovated baroque church stands as a reminder of how powerful the order once was that led to the birth of the town here. It was Fridolin, a follower of Hilarius ...

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St. Gangolph and the Cuckoo Market

The St. Gangolph chapel lies in an enchanting spot on the northern outskirts of Schweighouse, in the mouth of the valley leading to Col du Bannstein. The saint’s life is depicted on the walls of the chapel, in frescos that date from Martin Schongauer’s time. He is honoured as the ...

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The Belchen – King of the Black Forest Hills

People call it the “King of the Black Forest Hills”. The Belchen sits between Schönau and the Münstertal, crowned at 1414m with a Stone Cross that reaches into the heavens. The peak is the centre of Belchenland, a wonderful skiing and walking region, and can also be reached by cable ...

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The relics of the three Blessed Virgins

On the Dinkelberg hill, the characteristic tower of the St. Gallus church in Rheinfelden-Eichsel can be seen from afar. On the third Sunday in July, the village becomes the centre of the old traditional festival, the “Eichsler Umgang” to honour the three virgins, Wibrandis, Kunigundis and Mechtundis. After a solemn ...

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Romantic and wild

A marvellous hiking region stretches out between Eptingen, Waldenburg and Langenbruck. Romantic walks over rocky ridges lead the way up to the Belchenfluh. At 1098.9 metres the summit offers an impressive panorama. The “Belchen Triangle”, on the upper Rhine, consists of the Black Forest Belchen, the Swiss Belchen (Boelchen, Belchenfluh) ...

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The Minster high up over the Rhine

Between the Black Forest and the Vosges, high up over the Rhine, the St. Stephansmunster reaches up over Breisach. Standing on a volcanic outcrop that has been settled for over 4000 years, its choir faces out towards the rising sun. The crypt, lying under the choir and open to the ...

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St. Landelin and the healing spring

A large pilgrims church now stands on the spot where the Irish hermit and missionary Landelin settled in the 7th century. According to the legend ferocious hunting dogs became docile in his presence, and were henceforth unable to hunt. One of the huntsman murdered Landelin to free themselves of his ...

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The miraculous stone cross

A wonderful, open air, stations of the cross leads the way along the southern edge of the town to the Chapel of the Holy Cross on the Basler Strasse. Here you’ll find a 13th century stone sculpture depicting the crucifixion. Tradition has that numerous people have been cured or released ...

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The spring by the imposing abbey

At the foot of Baden’s Belchen lies the wonderful countryside of the quiet Münstertal. Entering the upper valley from Staufen you are greeted by the majestic sight of the former Benedictine abbey of St Trudpert. The spiritual heart of this sacred place, however, lies hidden behind the Church: it is ...

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The ever helpful “Mother of the Black Forest”

An old legend tells of how Todtmoos was founded. The Mother of God is said to have appeared to the lay priest Dietrich von Rickenbach in 1255. She instructed him to take up life as a hermit at Schoenbuehl, between Wehra and Totenbach. Once there he was to fell a ...

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