Orte filtern
the spring equinox
Ballon d'Alsace

At the spring equinox, if we observe it from the Ballon d’Alsace, the sun rises behind the Black Forest Belchen 70 km away

Anfang Mai / Beltene
Ballon d'Alsace
About 40 days after the spring equinox, beginning of the Celtic summer half-year, the sun rises in the east-northeast behind the summit of the Grand Ballon.
21.6 summer solstice
Ballon d'Alsace

At the summer solstice, the sun rises in the northeast above the Markstein, in the direction of the Petit Ballon

Anfang August / Lugnasad
Ballon d'Alsace
About 40 days after the summer solstice, the sun rises in the east-northeast, behind the summit of the Grand Ballon.
22.9. the autumn equinox
Ballon d'Alsace

At the autumnal equinox, if we observe it from the Ballon d’Alsace, the sun rises behind the summit of Schwarzwaldbelchen 70 km away.

Anfang November / Samhain
Ballon d'Alsace

About 40 days after the autumn equinox, beginning of the Celtic winter half-year. The three Celtic settlements Britzgyberg, Basel-Gasfabrik and Augusta Raurica are on the line of the sunrise.

21.12. Winter solstice
Ballon d'Alsace

The sun rises in the southeast behind the Tödi in the Glarus Alps, in between lies the Jura Belchen

Anfang Februar / Imbolc
Ballon d'Alsace
About 40 days after the winter solstice, middle of the Celtic winter half-year. The sun rises in east-southeast. The three Celtic settlements Britzgyberg, Basel-Gasfabrik and Augusta Raurica are on the line of the sunrise.

Alsace, a varied region

The Upper Alsace is a varied region which benefits from its privileged location. It is an ideal destination for visitors wanting to experience something new and exciting. It is located between the Vosges Mountains and the Rhine and is the perfect example of a border region which, despite countless influences from neighbouring regions, has maintained its legends and traditions.
The variety of the cultural heritage in the Rhine region blend sublimely with the diversity and cultural wealth of the cities and villages in the Upper Alsace. The Mythical Places, located right at the heart of the region, surrounded by the Alsace vineyards, deliver a cultural heritage of an incredible diversity with passion, withholding nothing at all.
Fairy tales, legends and myths never heard of before will enchant young and old alike, as they are at the base of a one-thousand-year old culture.
Visiting the Alsace region means taking a deep breath of fresh air on the Vosges Mountains and the Sundgau region, tasting the rich palette of culinary offers and the “Grands Crus” wine, travelling between cities to experience the wealth of art and history, and discovering exciting myths.

Theobaldus Minster in the firelight

A place full of legends is Thann, the small town at the entrance to the Thur valley. Visible from a distance, the tower of Theobaldusmünster reminds that Thann was once ...

The baptismal font at the Apollonia chapel

You are enchanted on the forecourt of the small Chapelle Sainte-Apolline, which is hidden behind a row of dark fir trees outside in the fields, about 800 meters from the ...

Source, chapel and hospitality

This wonderful place with chapel and former brother house in a quiet forest clearing between Oltingue and Liebenswiller is a place of pilgrimage of a special kind. Once a year, ...

The monastery with the organic farm

In 1046, Helwige de Dabo, wife of Hugo IV Count von Eguisheim, founded the Oelenberg Monastery and her son Bruno, the Pope Leo IX mentioned, placed it directly under the ...

The gold treasure in the village church

The precious treasure of the nearby Oelenberg monastery is located in an inconspicuous place, in Reiningue, southwest of Mulhouse. It is openly accessible in the village church, but is safely ...

The enigmatic pagan wall

The place must have magically attracted people long before Christianity. Anyone who explores the surrounding area from the monastery will always come across the remains of an imposing, enigmatic structure ...

Niedermünster - Where the camel settled

A small valley opens towards St. Nabor on the northeastern slope of the Odilienberg. Here Odilia first built a hostel for the sick pilgrims, because the way up the mountain ...

Hohenburg - The monastery on the sacred mountain

Around a million people make a pilgrimage every year to Mont Saint-Odile, the sacred mountain of Alsace on the wine route near Barr. Many ask for help at the grave ...

The little church on the Ill

If you drive from Oltingue along the Ill via Raedersdorf upstream to Ligsdorf, you come across Hippoltskirch, a quiet hamlet at the intersection of two former Roman roads that intersect ...

The Romanesque Jakobus church

The wonderful Romanesque basilica of Feldbach is one of the oldest churches in all of Alsace. It already stood when Friedrich I, Count of Pfirt (Ferrette), and his wife Stephanie ...

Sainte-Marguerite - a place to dream

Nothing in Epfig, the humble wine village between Sélestat and Barr, points to special sights. However, if you turn into the center of Rue Sainte-Marguerite, which continues to Kogenheim, you ...

The patron saint of minstrels

She looks like a simple woman from the people, the mother of pain Notre Dame du Dusenbach. The delicate picture of grace, a wooden statue from the 15th century, depicts ...

A temple for Mercury

If you make your way to the highest point of the northern Vosges, the Col du Donon, you will soon notice how historic this place is. The pass lies west ...

The bear in the crypt

The small town of Andlau with its mighty church is located on the Route du Vin between Epfig and Odilienberg. Here, in the forested valley of the river of the ...

Murbach Abbey

The Benedictine abbey was founded in 728 by Count Eberhard, the brother of the Count of Alsace and nephew of St Odile of Alsace. It became one of the most ...

Die Schaefertalkapelle

On a beautiful glade, which invites you to meditate, we discover the Schaefertalkapelle (chapel of the shepherd valley). In former times, entire processions from the surrounding villages came to the ...

The tomb of the three blessed virgins in the glade

In the centre of Wentzwiller, a sweet little village not far from Folgensbourg, there’s a signpost “Aux trois vierges” (to the Three Virgins). It leads to an idyllic clearing in ...

Our Lady du Grünenwald

An old legend is entwined with the Madonna figure in the tiny chapel at Ueberstrass in the Largue valley. A small alley leads up to the church. During the week ...

The “Madonna with Child” pilgrimage

The cluniac Basilica of Our Lady-Of-Thierenbach was supposedly founded in 1125 after the miraculous cure of a young man from Soultz, who was suffering from an incurable disease. He had ...

Dame blanche and the witches fire

The Bollenberg is a 363 m mound of Jura limestone between Rouffach, Orschwihr and Westhalten. Every year, on the night of the 14th to the 15th of August, it bears ...

The Chapel of St. Martin-in-the-Fields

St. Martin in the Fields lies, as the name suggests, in the middle of a field, around 500m south west of the village centre. Ancient myths tell of a town ...

St. Gangolph and the Cuckoo Market

The St. Gangolph chapel lies in an enchanting spot on the northern outskirts of Schweighouse, in the mouth of the valley leading to Col du Bannstein. The saint’s life is ...